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Young Football Player Getting Emotional While Thanking His Coach Perfectly Illustrates the Power of Sports

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Adriana Varela Photography/ Getty Images)

Grab your tissues because your eyes are about to sweat. This young football player bursts into tears while thanking his coach.

A video of a 6-year-old boy has gone viral on social media after he wrote a letter to his coach, thanking him for being the “greatest.”

According to Yahoo News, the boy has been identified as Richmond, Indiana, first-grader Jayden Wigginton. In the video, Jayden gifts “Coach Richard” with a mug that says, “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life,” with the Richard’s name on it.

Words that are proving to be true for this young athlete.

Coach Richard Nelloms gushes at the present, while giving Jayden a warm embrace. Courtney Wigginton, the young boy’s mother, informs Nelloms that he has another, more special gift for him.

“Hold on. He’s got a little note he wrote you.”

Letter to Football Coach

Here is where you are going to need those tissues.

The six-year-old boy begins to read the emotional letter that leaves him, and all of us choked up.

“Dear Coach Richard, you have been the greatest coach of my life. I love you, Richard. You help me love football again. Thank you for being my favorite coach. Love, Jayden.”


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The football coach quickly grabs his player and hugs him tight as Jayden sobs into his arms. Nelloms expressed his appreciation for the thoughtful letter.

Later on Facebook, Coach Richard Nelloms shares his emotions after watching the video.

“I held it together when Jayden was reading to me. But after I watched it, I couldn’t hold back my tears. This was something that I felt so lucky to have an opportunity to do … I felt blessed with the chance to be myself and teach my players how to have fun no matter what. It’s a dream of mine to make an impact on as many souls as possible. Thank you, Jayden, for allowing me to fulfill a dream of mine!!! GO TIGERS.”

Courtney Wigginton also wrote on Facebook, thanking everyone for “the love and support Jayden, Rich, and myself have received.” She added that “Our hearts are overwhelmed!!!”

We all need to remember to love as innocently as a child. No bias. No hate. Just the power that a coach, teacher, or mentor can have on a person. Thank you, Jayden and Richard, for being a shining example of that.