Zion Williamson One-of-a-Kind Trading Card Going to Auction, May Fetch $750k

by Katie Maloney

One lucky fan just made the sports memorabilia purchase of his life with a Zion Williamson trading card.

Remember when you got really mad at your mom for throwing away your baseball cards? Well, now you have proof that sports memorabilia and trading cards can be worth the closet space they occupy. A basketball card collector hit a goldmine when he unknowingly purchased an ultra-rare 1-of-1 Zion Williamson card. The man paid $750 to reserve one card – without knowing which card it would be – from a box of 2019-20 Panini Flawless Basketball cards. One box usually costs about $7,000.

Because of the pandemic, a Firehand Cards employee broadcasted the cards that each purchaser received via a livestream. Meanwhile, hopeful purchasers watched to see what would soon be theirs. When the employee reached the Williamson card he paused to take a deep breath, impressed by what he was about to announce.

“Somebody busted the bounty tonight,” says the employee. “Congratulations to the new daddy…Paul. I don’t think it could get any bigger, Paul…Zion Williamson, boys. Look at that!” he excitedly announces. Watch at the 12:12 mark to see the announcement.

Zion Williamson trading card announced to special purchaser.

Paul Makes $749,250 Profit With Zion Williamson Card

According to the video, an Australian man by the name of Paul is the purchaser of the card. Upon learning that he was the recipient of an ultra-rare one of a kind card, Paul immediately arranged for his nephew to pick up the card from it’s Southern California location and deliver it to PSA, a premiere memorabilia grading service. The card was graded mint condition and paul contacted Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions to strike a deal. The company agreed to put the card on the auction block and expects the card to be purchased for around $750,000.

The card was a Zion NBA Logoman, one of the most sought after basketball cards of the year. However, there is even more to this card’s uniqueness. It’s also signed by Williamson himself and contains a patch from a game-worn jersey from Williamson’s rookie season with the Pelicans. The auction will go live on January 11. That’s what we call a slam dunk. Way to go, Paul!